Jean Grae, Sadat X, Others Get Down With "Kung Faux"

Tommy Boy Films recently released "Kung

Faux," a new series of classic Kung-Fu flicks with hip-hop personalities

doing voice overs.

Tommy Boy plans to release 30 episodes that feature

such hip-hop luminaries as Prince Paul, Masta Ace, Guru, Sadat-X & Jean


"'Kung Faux' is funny. It's perhaps the

funniest thing I have ever seen in my life," Grae told in

jest. "This could be because it is a comedy DVD. However, I think if it

was done in a Greek tragedy style, it would be funny. Funny things have a way

of being really funny all the time no matter how hard you may try to stop them.

I am in all of the scenes. I'm funny too."

Kung Faux is in stores now. To learn more, visit