Jeezy: 'McCain Comments Misconstrued'

Young Jeezy has clarified his political views, after he expressed support for John McCain, after meeting the presidential hopeful during a May performance on Saturday Night Live, with crooner Usher.

The rapper, who graces the cover of the August issue of Vibe for the first time, seemed to support the Republican Party’s candidate for the oval office, shortly after meeting with him.

"No disrespect to Barack, but I f**k with John McCain," Jeezy allegedly said to Vibe. "I like Barack [Obama], but at the same time I wanted to see what McCain was talking about."

"Somewhere down the line, my words got misconstrued," Young Jeezy said. "What I was saying no disrespect to McCain, but I f**k with Barack. It could be an honest mistake, it might not be. But anyone who knows anything about me, or what I represent, I represent the streets and the struggle. I represent the Democratic party," Young Jeezy clarified. "I've never been nor do I ever plan to be a John McCain supporter…I support Barack Obama.”

The platinum-plus rapper has made his decision and has decided to offer his full support to Obama via a new track, titled “My President is Black,” which debuts July 7th on his website,

The rapper has also been expressing his support for Obama through dress, as he has been spotted at several red carpet events donning T-shirt’s the read “My President is Black.”

Young Jeezy’s is preparing to release his latest album The Recession, which will be released through the rapper’s CTE Entertainment via Def Jam.