Jeezy Not Mad At Jay-Z's Return


Def Jam artists, from LL Cool Jay to Nore have expressed discontent with the re-rise

of Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter, who recently released his comeback CD Kingdom


Jeezy isn't among those nay-sayers."Everybody

got their lane. This industry is a highway and everybody got their lane and me

and Jay ain't in the same lane," Young Jeezy told "I

don't feel what he's doing is interfering with what I'm doing. We do two different

types of music for two different types of movements. Real n***as are glad he's


Georgia native's sophomore album comes out on December 12, as Jay-Z continues

to move major units. Jay-Z's

Kingdom Come sold nearly 700,000 its first week in stores. LL

Cool J, the first artist signed to Def Jam, has been vocal about his disenchantment,

to the extent that he would depart his only recording home."How

am I gonna re-sign with competition? I'm not an idiot," LL Cool J told MTV.

"I can't depend on that man (Jay-Z) to promote my record while he's somewhere

writing rhymes."Jay-Z

hasn't responded publicly to LL's most recent statement, but Jeezy didn't feel

Jay-Z's comeback as a recording artist would interrupt his career. "He's

back for a lot of different reasons," Jeezy said. "As a hustler, I'm

not worried about him being back. This is what I do. For a n***a that ain't on

his s**t, he might want to be worried."Jeezy's

own album The Inspiration: Thug Motivation 102, is set to be released on

December 12 and the rapper maintains that he's been extremely proactive in all

facets of production."As

far as my project, I'm hands on with everything. Ain't nothing about to happen

with my project that I ain't got to do with," he said. "I got good relationships

[with Def Jam].