Jeff AZoe Brings Haitian Pride On “She Wanna Haitian”


July 13th, 2020 (Los Angeles, CA) - Haitian American Recording Artist/Artist Manager/Entrepreneur Jeff AZoe knows what it takes to get far in life, and knows to never forget where he came from. Based in Atlanta, he looks to bring a different sound to music as he blends Atlanta’s new school Hip Hop with influences from his Haitian homeland. With mainstream success just around the corner for him, he looks to take over 2020 with his single, “She Wanna Haitian”.

Released through his Zoe Nation Gang label, Jeff AZoe calls up the ladies who are looking to have some Haitian love in their life. According to Jeff AZoe, the inspiration for the track came from his various encounters with women who took a liking to his accent during their conversations, and their sudden attraction to him when he mentions his Haitian background. It wasn’t until he was testing out recording equipment at a newly built home studio with friend and ZNG artist Big Brudda Haitian that he got the spark to make the song. With Trap Music production backing up the lyrics, Jeff AZoe promises that “She Wanna Haitian” will rattle speakers everywhere.

Born in Gonaives, Haiti, Jeff AZoe didn’t have everything growing up, but believed that a chance at a better life was near. Migrating with his family to Delaware in 2007, he knew education was something to secure, but music, partying, and getting in trouble became things that met him along his journey. He soon found himself in Atlanta where he furthered his education, entered the world of party promotion, expanded his entrepreneurial skill set, and started a successful record label with his older brother, “G”.

Jeff AZoe’s “She Wanna Haitian” looks to make a lot of noise when it’s available on all digital streaming platforms on July 19.
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