Jermaine Dupri Issues Statement On Leaving Virgin Records

Jermaine Dupri has officially vacated his position as President of Urban Music at Virgin Records, after underwhelming sales of Janet Jackson's comeback album 20 Y.O.

Contrary to published reports, Dupri, who announced the position in January 2005, voluntarily left the position.

"Since there are so many rumors running rampant about my position at Virgin Records, I feel that it is necessary to set the record straight," Dupri said in a statement. "I was not forced out of the company, I made a decision that it was in my best interest to leave."

According to sales figures, Jackson's CD has sold just under 500,000 copies in the United States.

Sales of 20 Y.O. dropped almost 80% the second week and by the third week, the album sold just under 50,000 copies.

Sources told that while Dupri has vacated his post at Virgin, the label's parent company EMI may provide him with a label deal that includes his own in-house staff.