Jermaine Dupri Opening 24-Hour 'Def Cafe'

Jermaine Dupri is

expanding his So So Def empire and the mogul is working on several new business

ventures to expand the So So Def brand name.

Dupri, 32, is working

to open the “Def Café,” which will be a 24-hour café

in Atlanta, Georgia’s Buckhead section.

In addition to

the eatery, Dupri’s So So Def TV is working on a television pilot that

Dupri described as his version of “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.”

And last but not

least, the mogul will try his hand in the toy world, as he is developing replicas

of himself, Da Brat, Bone Crusher and the So So Def “Afro Man” logo.

In an interview

with The Atlanta Journal Constitution, Dupri likened himself to a young Berry


“When I got

into this business, it was to have the biggest record company ever," Dupri

said. "The business of records has and always will be my first love. And

youthfully, I'm trying to build my company just like Berry Gordy's, where it

is all about the young artists coming with new records and singles."