Jermaine Dupri Resigns As President Of Atlanta Grammy Chapter

So So Def founder and Janet Jackson's love interest

Jermaine Dupri, has resigned as president of the Grammy's Atlanta chapter, due

to Jackson being banned from the Grammy Awards.

Jackson was to present a special award to Luther

Vandross, but was allegedly rebuked, after it was determined Vandross could

not attend due to his medical condition, after suffering a stroke.

"I didn't want to be a part of something

that's not treating people in the right light," Dupri said in a statement.

"I feel like what's going on with Janet is unfair."

Justin Timberlake, who performed with Jackson

during the now infamous Superbowl Halftime Show, tore off the clothing that

exposed Jackson's right breast for less than a second.

He is still scheduled to perform.

Timberlake insists that he had no prior knowledge

that Jackson's bare breast would be exposed and claimed he thought that a bustier

would still be underneath.

Timberlake added that he "didn't need the

negative publicity" that was accompanied the incident.

Jackson has apologized in written and verbal

statements, saying that the Superbowl incident simply went too far.

Meanwhile, a Tennessee woman is attempting to

cash in on the debacle.

The woman filed a lawsuit in Knoxville's federal

court, alleging that Jackson and Timberlake owe millions of people monetary

compensation for the stunt.

The picture of Jackson's breast has become the

most sought after item in the history of the Internet.

Search for the pictures topped over 200 million

according to, topping the September 11 attacks on the United States.