Jermaine Jackson Says Mottola Directed Racist Slur At Irv Gotti

Five months after

Michael Jackson blasted Sony CEO Tommy Mottola for racism due to comments he

made about an unnamed African-American artist, his brother Jermaine Jackson

revealed the artist as Murder Inc mogul Irv Gotti on Connie Chung's “Tonight”

show on December 10.

"Tommy Mottola

referred to Irv Gotti as a 'big fat black nigger,'" Jackson alleged on

the program. Irv worked with Jennifer Lopez on a variety of records, including

Lopez's hit "I'm Real." Gotti said in the past that he had a "great

relationship" with Mottola.

In July, Michael

Jackson lashed out at Tommy Mottola, stating the powerful head of Sony was "mean,

he's a racist and he's very, very, very devilish." Jackson made the remarks

at a rally in Reverend Al Sharpton's National Action Network headquarters in

Harlem, New York City.

At an anti-Sony

rally, which protested the promotion of Jackson’s Invincible, the entertainer

appeared riding a red double-decker tour bus chanting "down with Tommy


At the time, various

movers and shakers in the music industry defended Mottola, including Russell

Simmons, Steve Stoute and even the Reverend Al Sharpton said he was surprised

by Jackson's comments.

"There are

two things I know," Simmons told the Post. "Tommy Mottola is not a

racist, and in black music, especially, you don't need $30 million to make an

album successful. If it's a hit record, it'll stick on its own."

Sharpton also defended

Mottola. "I have known Tommy for 15 or 20 years, and never once have I

known him to say or do anything that would be considered racist."

“The recording

companies really, really do conspire against the artists — they steal,

they cheat, they do everything they can,” Jackson said in a rare public

appearance. ”(Especially) against the black artists,” Jackson said.

Jermaine Jackson

scolded various people in a press release in July and even threatened legal

action against various comedians.


types, such as Russell Simmons and Ricky Martin ... [are] uninformed and should

wait to hear the facts before making derisive statements about Michael,"

the statement read. "Comedians Dennis Miller and Robin Williams and others

who bad-mouth and make comedic references to the scandalous [child molestation]

allegations that he faced several years [ago] need to be reminded that not only

was Michael not convicted of any crime, he was never charged nor was he ever

indicted. Any statements to the contrary are libelous and subject to legal action."

Gotti was not available

for a comment at press time.