Jeru Preps New Album, Claims Ja Rule Stole His Name

At a recent live performance in San Diego, CA,

Jeru The Damaja made a formal announcement about his upcoming album and made

it known he doesn't appreciate certain rappers taking his name.

Jeru rocked the house from right to left, performing

such classics as "D-Original," "El Presidente," "You

Can't Stop The Prophet," and "Static."

His new album, titled Divine Design, is

slated for a mid-September release, and the first single, "War," will

drop sometime in early August.

When asked his opinion about Ja

Rule supposedly taking his name, Jeru was his usual blunt self, refusing to

take a step back.

"Basically, he stole my name," said

Jeru backstage after the show. "It's like, if your name is Busta Rhymes,

I'll come out and say my name is Augusta Rhymes. Or if your name is Jay-Z, I'll

come out and say my name is Kay-Z. It's different, it's not the same, but it

sounds too close."

Jeru also made it clear that he wasn't looking

to go the 50 Cent route and make this a legitimate beef. "I'm not trying

to shit on him, I'm just stating the facts." "I may be wrong, but

I gotta be me."

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