Jeru The Damaja To Drop New Album


The Damaja rumors have

been causing online chaos in the past few months. Speculation

from what his album will be called to who will be producing it

has varied. Here is some concrete info. Jeru will not be working

with Hip-Hop's favorite producer and former producer of both of

his past albums, DJ Premier.

According to 88hiphop,

Jeru said: "I don't really plan on working with them cats

anytime soon. It's all me. I'm not trying to outdo Premier, but

still the student must become the master. I need to step up for

myself. My new stuff is better than my old stuff, it's 100% Jeru

the Damaja." Jeru has two full length albums that are ready

to drop, the first one being titled: Heroz4Hire, the second titled

Armor Of Gold-Dirtier Than Ever.

Jeru is trying to

negotiate a deal with London Records (word had it that Rawkus

turned the material down..). as Jeru negotiates a deal with London

Records. Jeru said, "I'm trying to do it myself, I don't

want to get another slave contract." The first single is

titled 99.9%, and will be in stores Tuesday January 25th, and

will be distributed by KnowSavage Records, Jeru's newly formed