Jesse Jackson Jr. Under Strict Medical Attention

(AllHipHop News) On February 15th, former Chicago congressman Jesse Jackson Jr was charged for conspiring to allocate $750,000 in campaign funding to personal expenses. In a February 18th statement, his father and illustrious civil rights leader Jesse Jackson says his son is "struggling with the highs and lows of his bipolar disorder".

The statement from the 71 year old Baptist minister also stated that his son is receiving strict medical attention for a bipolar disorder he has been battling for over eight months. Back in November of 2012, after five months of inactivity due to a medical leave, Jackson Jr won his re-election but later resigned.

His wife, Sandi Jackson is a former alderman and is facing a separate felony charge for filing false tax returns for six years. Both of their separate legal teams confirmed that they will both plead guilty to their charges. Ms. Jackson faces up to three years in prison while Mr. Jackson Jr could face up to five years in prison and have his federal pension of $45,000 revoked. Jackson Jr already been ordered to pay back the $750,000 he stole and could face an additional $250,000 fine.

The Chicago Tribune spoke to an expert on federal sentencing, Ohio State University law professor Douglas Berman about the possible sentencing for Mr. Jackson Jr. Berman states Jackson Jr's lack of a criminal record, mental illness and willingness to plead guilty will help his case but according to Berman he could still face "a year and a little more".

The date for their sentencing has not yet been announced.