Jessica Dime On Beef With Nicki Minaj: I’ll Make That Hoe OD On Percs

The “Chun-Li” rapper was hit from all sides this week.

(AllHipHop News) The war between Nicki Minaj and the cast members of the Love & Hip Hop franchise was the talk of social media on Tuesday. The Queen album creator caught words from DJ Self, Mariahlynn, DreamDoll, and Jessica Dime.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Dime jumped into the tick-for-tack out of nowhere. The former stripper reacted to the feud between Nicki and Safaree on her Twitter page.

Dime tweeted:

Yoooo [Nicki Minaj] damn what’s crummy about VH1 checks? Damn I love Nicki but wasn’t she just on black ink? All money spend you can’t sh*t on our hustle. Everybody gotta start somewhere! Didn’t she?? It don’t matter whether she got a check to be on black ink or not she has still been on vh1 she has worked with them the dude who did her tattoo works for them. I f*ck wit Nicki I got every last album but to me her choice of words could have been better. I say sh*t all the time then think back like damn I might have offended other people .when u in the heated moment u don’t think about it. I know she was mad but damnnnn sis them checks ain’t crummy period!

Nicki responded on Instagram, writing:

Go away hoe! This man has ripped me in the media for years. Mind ya f*ckin business. I have no clue who TF you are! You btchs ain’t live my life.

Minaj's claim that she doesn’t know the reality show star caught the attention of some Internet detectives. It turns out, Jessica Dime was heavily featured in the rapper’s “Beez In The Trap” music video from 2012.

Dime returned to Twitter to address Nicki again. She posted, "I JUST HOPE SHE KEEP THIS SAME ENERGY WHEN WE RUN INTO EACH OTHER. CAUSE WE WILL.” Nicki quoted Jessica’s tweet and responded, “Suck my d*ck hoe.” That tweet was later deleted from Minaj’s Twitter page.

The drama restarted in the middle of the night when Jessica returned to the social media platform. She added:

Mane [Nicki Minaj] wanna be street so bad kinda like Newnew on ATL go be a pop star. Everybody ain’t street that’s why they made [sidewalks]... I don’t care if the b*tch know me or not she need to watch that horse mouth. Y’all sure are keeping up wit what I’m saying . Unfollow bitch imma talk til I get tired . I’ll make that hoe OD on percs when I get thru.”

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This album promo plan is wack as fuck... Disappear & come back out like a stank cunt & be a piece of shit to everyone.. This woman tried to be respectful to Nicki but she's that much of a fuckhead, she couldn't see the shit. Definitely not making me wanna hear any music.