Jeweler Demands Apology From IG User "Exposing" Rappers' Fake Watches; FakeWatchBusta Fires Back

In much the same way the Instagram user known as FakeWatchBusta has used his profile to scrutinize rappers for wearing fake watches, the “watch geek” now has jewelers watching his every post to expose his errors.

(AllHipHop News)

TMZ reports one particular photo of a $34,000 owned by Cee-lo had to be deleted from the profile after the poster received a cease-and-desist letter from the Goodie Mob member’s jeweler, Avianne & Co. The company demanded the anonymous IG user post a public apology for wrongly stated the watch was a replica and that it was “the ugliest custom fake #Panerai watch in the world.”

Not only has FakeWatchBusta not offered an apology, the user has decided to further take on the jeweler. This morning the profile added two new posts about Avianne and still refers to the company’s watches as “fake.”

TMZ is showing this fake Panerai that I busted on the account earlier. Must be the worst job ever done. Look at the crown guard and the hands ?

From their own Instagram page. A fake AP Royal Oak Offshore. Look at how the subdial cuts off the 7 and the 5 and look how the date is placed cutting into the Tachymeter. Fake junk.


Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)
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