Jigga, Jacko & Prodigy

Jay-Z had a few surprises when he took center stage at New York City radio station Hot 97's Summer Jam. The sold out show, which took place in Long Island New York at the Nassau Coliseum, saw performances from Jadakiss, Eve, Destiny's Child (who were practically booed off the stage again), Ja Rule, Nelly, Outkast and Ludacris.

Jigga, who headlined the event, too a break during his show and yelled into the microphone, " "I know Michael Jackson better come from behind that muthafucking curtain!" When no Michael Jackson appeared, most people thought he was going to go into his newest single "H to the Izzo," which makes use of a Jackson 5 sample. Jigga said something to some spectators in the front row, then went backstage and reappeared with Michael Jackson, who is preparing to release his own album. Mike told the crowd he loved them, and left the stage. Michael Jackson will be making a guest appearance on Jay-Z's new album. Missy Elliot was on hand to perform "Is That Your Chick," with Memphis Bleek and Beanie Sigel joined Jigga on stage as well. A Violin player named Miri Benari was brought on and backed Jigga while he did is verse from "Big Pimpin," while EPMD repped when Beans and Bleek did their version of EPMD's smash, "So Wat Cha Sayin." Erick Sermon then went into his latest single, "Music," for the crowd, who were the loudest during Jigga's set.

During this performance he told the crowd, "There's a lot of shit going on in rap music. A lot of cats yappin'. Y'all know what I do, your boy handles his business."

Jay then through disses, but the one who caught the diss the worst was Prodigy of Mobb Deep fame, calling P a ballerina and showing photos of a young Prodigy-- on four large screens that hung from the stage, in leotards at his Grandmother's dancing school.