Jim Jones Explains How Jay-Z & Cam'ron Ended Their Beef For "B-Sides 2" Concert

Capo played a role in bringing the "Welcome to New York City" collaborators back together.

(AllHipHop News) Many Hip Hop fans were presently surprised to see Jay-Z and Cam'ron share a stage at Webster Hall in April. The renovated venue in New York City hosted Jay's "B-Sides 2" concert.

Cam and Hov were feuding for years. Their beef was reportedly either one of the catalysts or one of the outcomes of the Roc-A-Fella Records collapse in the mid-2000s, so to see the two NYC representatives performing together was a big moment.

Jim Jones, who also showed up at Webster Hall that night, sat down with Elliott Wilson and Brian "B. Dot" Miller for an episode of the Rap Radar podcast. The upcoming interview included Jim breaking down how his fellow Dipset member and his Roc Nation manager finally reunited.

"I got a call saying Jay about to do a special B-side concert. I'm like, 'Cool, can I get some tickets? What's up?' I thought that was the call like, 'Hey, you pulling up?'" said Jones. "They like 'Yo, [Jay-Z] wants to perform 'Welcome to New York City.'"

The El Capo album creator added, "Right after I got the call, I called [Cam'ron], I said, 'Yo, Jay is doing this B-Side concert?' [Cam's] like 'Yeah.' [I say,] 'He's trying to perform 'Welcome to New York City' and they wanted me to know if maybe, you might just want to perform. You know, I'm just trying to do what I do.' He's like, 'Yeah run it. Let's do it.'"

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That's was a Good moment for New York City! If Jay could get over Jim's past disses then Cam's past BS could get looked over as well. I think back to being a teenager & the street mentality then, when you are grown, accomplished things & seen the world not to mention clearly surpassed anything past so called rival's have done, no blood was shed, nobody got hurt it's nothing to be like that's not even worth being still being angry over. Jay & Nas have done numerous songs together, been at each other's birthday parties etc. REAL Men are focused on the future not the past!!!