Jim Jones: Harlem Made Nike Boots Cool, Wale Be Wearing "Boo-Boo" Sneakers

Brendan Dunne, Matt Welty, and Trinidad James sat down with the Diplomat to talk sneaks and fashion.

(AllHipHop News) Jim Jones was the latest guest on Sole Collector's Full Size Run. About eight minutes into the show, the Dipset Capo declared it was his hometown of Harlem that made Nike Boots fashionable, not New Jersey or the DMV.

A decade ago, a then-emerging rapper named Wale released a song called "Nike Boots." The Maryland emcee is often credited as one of the people that made the shoes popular, but Jones was not willing to give that recognition to the 2009 XXL Freshman Class member.

"Wale might have came to Harlem and got a pair of them joints," said Jim. "They started on 145th Street and Broadway. You can ask my man Luca Brasi when they first came in the store. This might have been '01."

When asked if he ever spoke to the MMG spitter about the topic, Jones responded, "Wale don't wanna have no sneaker conversation with me... Wale gets fly, but a lot of them sneakers he be wearing be boo-boo too. I don't like them joints. A lot of rappers be wearing boo-boo sneakers."

Wale took to twitter to write, "Jim Jones wellin like shyt.. yes WELLIN... We started Nike Boots and they (tried to) rewrite history."

Later on Full Size Run, the Diplomats delegate doubled down on his belief that the iconic photo of he and Juelz Santana wearing Supreme helped make the logo cool in the Hip Hop community. Jim Jones also slammed the True Religion clothing brand, but he praised fellow Harlem natives A$AP Mob for their influence on fashion.

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Jimmy Jones wake asf. He start to show how much he a hater on everything since he feel off years ago. This nigga opinion ain't worth shit!


Jim I fuk wit ya the long way but YOU TRIPPIN. Nike boots are a Washington metropolitan area staple. We was rockin em first homie. WAY before y'all. Harlem don't start everything or make everything cool we been doing that down here y'all just caught up. I actually gave u props for being the first bc NY dude I ever seen rockin Nike boots but you trippin hard for this one.