Jim Jones: "Hopefully A$AP Rocky Can Write A Movie About Jail"

Jim weighs in on A$AP Rocky's situation in Sweden as his assault trial begins.

By: AllHipHop Staff

(AllHipHop News) The day of reckoning is coming for A$AP Rocky and his entourage that are locked up in a Swedish jail after a physical altercation landed the rapper in jail for assault.

Reports suggest that Rocky could go to trial as early as Tuesday for the alleged assault of a man that continuously followed the rapper and his entourage.

Much of the situation was captured on video and dispersed all over the internet.

Fellow Harlem rapper Jim Jones put a lot of perspective on the matter in an exclusive interview with Chuck Creekmur.

"It's sad. I'm not surprised. It's the f##kin' world we live in. If you think that racism is only in the United States, then you are sadly mistaken. It's everywhere and I know Rocky is locked up abroad somewhere," he said of his comrade's dire condition in Sweden.

Jim also said the circumstances are very different than being incarcerated in an American cell.

"It's not like being locked up here. Nothing like having your family able to come and visit you. Pretty much locked up and alone. There's no iller mindf##k than being locked up with confusion," he said with emphasis.

"When somebody can't give you something concrete to go off of. Imagine that. And you're not in the country. I pray for him and hopefully they rectify that situation so he can get back on American soil, get back to living his life. Hopefully, he can come home and write a movie about it."

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