Jim Jones Looking For "Wasted Talent" For New Docu-Series

AllHipHop Staff

Jim Jones is looking to his fans to help him on a new project.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Jim Jones has launched a search for fans who have overcome their obstacles, for a documentary in support of his upcoming album.

Jim, who recently signed with Roc Nation, is working on his new album called Wasted Talent.

Jimmy is looking for individuals who feel they may have "wasted" their big opportunity in life, whether it was prison, sacrificing a dream, or making a life-changing mistake.

“Maybe someone who’s been through what you been through will hear your story and give you the tools to get out of your situation,” said Jim Jones. “Or, [they’ll] help you have a different outlook on what you're going through."

The stories will be featured on an upcoming docu-series inspired by the album Wasted Talent.

Check out the flyer below which includes details on how to submit to fee included on Jim Jones upcoming docu-series project.