Jim Jones Pleads Not Guilty in Fan Battery Case

AllHipHop Staff

Harlem rapper Jim Jones has pleaded not guilty in an assault case involving a 17-year-old fan in Panama City, Florida.

Damion Johns is accusing the former Dipset capo of punching him in the face at a March 13 MTV Spring Break concert.

According to Johns, Jones struck him immediately after ordering him to move out of the way during the show.

Johns stated he hit the rapper back, but was then outnumbered when two of Jim Jones bodyguards jumped in.

Johns was allegedly slammed to the ground and again punched in the face.

Jim Jones faces one count of misdemeanor battery for the alleged assault.

On June 4, Jones will be in court for another assault charge stemming from his December 2008 brawl with NeYo manager Jayvon Smith at a New York Louis Vuitton store.

In addition, Smith has filed a $7 million dollar civil suit against the Harlemite.

Jones’ latest album, Pray IV Reign, was released on March 24.