Jim Jones’s Mother’s House Burns Down

Jim Jones and family have a lot to be thankful for after the family matriarch's home burns down.

(AllHipHop News) Prayers are in order for Jim Jones and his family. His mother’s home burned down and the rapper took to Instagram to talk about it.

Jim, Mama Jones and his family were in the house and nobody was hurt. Here is his unedited statement.

“Today I was blessed wit th greatest Christmas gift in my life thus far and tht is my family gettin out of th house safe sound n wit out injuries
We can always buy new houses new cars new evrything but we can't buy a new family
On th flip side watchin my momma house burn touch my soul in ways I couldn't imagine
I wasn't raised wit my mother but my son was and his whole life of memories gone in a flash
If u know me then u know I'm gonna buy my family th biggest house I can afford and fill it wit more love
The devil is always workin but so is my God I got faith - Merry Christmas.”

Mama Jones has been a beloved figure in Hip-Hop and TV. She has been on reality TV as well as had many businesses.

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Man just send Jim Jones and his family some prayers, we blog dawg so we gotta keep it 100, I send his prayers to Jim Jones mom and his other relatives. what's up the my people's up in N.Y. keep ya head up fa sho


I feel sorry for him and all but could the house rap, scratch, tag a wall or body pop? How does the house burning fall into the remit of all hip hop? You could have used that to report on something relevant. Come on all hip hop, you're dumbing down the masses