Jim Jones Throws More Shots At Dame Dash + Appears To Address Freddie Gibbs Shooting

Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)


(AllHipHop News) Jim Jones does not seem to be holding anything back this week. The Harlem native took to social media to further address his issues with former associate Dame Dash and appeared to send a subliminal message to Indiana rapper Freddie Gibbs.

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Jones and Dash reignited their feud this week via comments on Instagram. Jones fired back once again by reposting a picture Dame had previously added to his own IG page. The caption for Jones photos reads:

Somebody ask this d**khead @duskopoppingtondame if his car note n rent is paid this month or is he still sneak thieving his own people to pay bills he can't afford smh why did u fire David Chang cause u put a car in his name n didn't want to pay th car note which is ur bill n then u put hands on a defenseless Chinese man why u dont do tht tuff shit like u said to a real tuff nigga like my self oh cause u a f***t sneak thievin c**k sucker dam dame u went out like a bad batch of tht scaggy postin pics wit @mr_camron aint gone save u bro u need Jesus lol Byrd nigga n when u see me u know whts up aint nothin change nigga lmao this should b fun exposure lol is this wht U wanted to b back in th game right well here's ur introduction n u owe me bout 5k cash from all them 100 dollars I was givin u Dailey like my side b***h


Dame was not the only Hip Hop figure Jones appeared to have words for online. The Vamp Life rapper had issues with Freddie Gibbs recently after Gibbs called out Jones for being a "wanna be Blood" gang member. Gibbs even clowned Jones on IG for wearing a waist trainer.

FreddieGibbs IG


Early yesterday morning, Gibbs and another individual were shot at outside of a record store in Brooklyn. Hours later Jones sent out a tweet suggesting an unnamed person should be careful while in Brooklyn.

Jim Jones Tweet

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