Jimmy Kimmel Jokes That Voices In Kanye West's Head Are Starting To Talk Sense

Here's another round in the comedian's rivalry with the musician.

(AllHipHop News) Jimmy Kimmel and Kanye West have a tumultuous history. Back in 2013, Kanye slammed the late-night host over a skit that spoofed the rapper as a child.

Then in August of this year, West was a guest on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! program. A clip from the episode went viral because Ye appeared to be stumped by a question about his support for Donald Trump.

This week, the TV star took another comedic shot at the Chicago resident. Kanye tweeted that he plans to distance himself from politics and focus on being creative. Jimmy had a joke on deck for the about-face.

"Now the president doesn't even have Kanye anymore," said Kimmel on the show. “Finally, the voices in his head are starting to talk sense.”

Earlier this year, Kanye West revealed he was bi-polar and has been prescribed medication for the mental health condition. However, the 41-year-old creator later stated that he believes a doctor misdiagnosed him and he was just suffering from sleep deprivation.