Jin Says Rap Career Is Over, Records 'I Quit'

Rapper Jin has revealed

that he is throwing the towel in on his rap career and is putting his job as an

emcee on hold, while he explores other options.

The fate of the rapper’s

record deal was the subject of rumors over the past month and while the label

never officially dropped the rapper there was no need, as he announced today

that he is calling it quits.

“No more studio for

me,” Jin said. “Them 2F2F (The “Too Fast, Too Furious”

movie which Jin had a major role) checks weren't too bad and going to movie

premieres was pretty fun. Maybe I should seriously devote myself to an acting

career. The opportunities are definitely there.”

Jin hit big with the novelty

song “Learn Chinese” in 2003, but Ruff Ryders failed to capitalize

on the single’s success. After several delays, his debut The Rest

is History finally saw the light of day, but suffered due to lack of promotion,

despite production from Swizz Beats and appearances from Kanye West, Wyclef

and double R crew member Styles P.

“Maybe what needs

to be focused on is what I have accomplished (which in my heart is a whole lot

and I'm damn proud of that) with my time as opposed to what I haven't accomplished

yet," Jin stated. "For what it's worth, I know that the 100,000 (give

or take, since some of you went and bought like 5 copies) of ya'll that went

out and bought T.R.I.H. did it solely because you were supporters of

me and my music…and not because the radio or TV brainwashed you into thinking

I'm the hottest sh*t out there, being that I was barely on either one.”

Jin signed a deal with Ruff

Ryders Records, after consecutively winning BET’s popular Freestyle Friday

competitions on the countdown show 106 & Park.

The rapper recently

released a song explaining his decision titled “I Quit.”