Jin Speaking Chinese in Raps, Developing Relationship with God

(AllHipHop News) Jin, the Chinese-American rapper, signed to Ruff Ryders in 2001, is back and his rhyming skills now incorporate Cantonese Chinese, one of the Chinese language’s most difficult dialects. “You can listen to one of my songs, you can listen to one of their songs, as a Cantonese speaker, and right away you can tell the difference. It’s just the choice of words, of the way we structure our raps,” Jin told The New York Times. The rapper, who was born in Miami and later moved to New York, eventually went on to win seven straight "Freestyle Friday" competitions on BET’s 106 & Park, making it to the hit TV show’s Hall of Fame.“There will be clever intricacies here and there, but ultimately I can’t get too in depth, at least not as much as I can with my English lyrics because I control the English language better than I can the Cantonese,” Jin said.Being the first Asian solo rapper to be signed to a major record label, Jin takes pride in his heritage.“What is in my Cantonese vocabulary is just a lot of day to day, you know, a little bit of mottoes and sayings here and there, but ultimately, there’s a long way to go,” Jin mentioned.Jin also took the time to talk about his religion and his newly developed feeling of responsibility to his faith.“God is so dope and he’s done so many awesome things in my life,” he added. “I’m a workhorse now. What is driving me? This new found responsibility.”In related new, Jin is developing his acting skills and will be featured in an upcoming film in November surrounding the early life of Bruce Lee.Below is his most recent video remixing the Diddy and Dirty Money’s - Angels: