Jin Takes Advantage Of The Net, Drops Album Only Available Via MySpace

Jin is planning to

take full advantage of the MySpace phenomenon by releasing his new album I

Promise via his MySpace page.The

album, which has no ties to MySpace or any record label, will feature new music

the rapper recorded over the last month and boasts production by Bangout, Canei,

Obi & Josh, Younglord, Music Mystro, and Pluto.Jin

is looking to use the community networking aspect of the Web site to independently

sell his disc. "It's

just something to let my fans know that I am continuing to work hard and give

them a little something before we do it big again," Jin said. In

order to purchase the limited edition release, fans must request to be added as

a friend to Jin's MySpace page.I

Promise will be sold on a first come, first served basis and, according to

Jin, official copies will not be available after the album's initial run.Orders

will be taken Nov. 1- 27 and the album will be shipped in time for Christmas.

In September,

MySpace announced its latest business model--allowing unsigned bands featured

on the site to sell their music as downloads. MySpace

is beta-testing the service, which the company hopes will eventually rival Apple's


goal is to be one of the biggest digital music stores out there," MySpace

co-founder Chris DeWolfe said in published reports. "Everyone we've spoken

to definitely wants an alternative to iTunes and the iPod. MySpace could be that


purchase Jin's upcoming album I Promise, visit www.myspace.com/buyipromise.