Jin The MC Becomes Christian Rapper

AllHipHop Staff

Former battle rap champ Jin is making his way back into the spotlight as a Christian rapper signed to Universal Hong Kong.

Now a born again Christian residing in Hong Kong, Jin has changed the content of his music, but still manages to showcase his lyrical prowess.

Recently Jin released a new track titled “Welcome to the Light Club,” which is fueled by a catchy beat.

Here is an except from the track:

"I got a session booked for7 and its 6:35/ so I got 25 minutes to conjure up this rhyme/its been a long time right stepped away from the limelight/ but the breaks over Holy Spirit takeover/they say the truth will set you free if you so believe/ Jesus is the truth with Him freedom can be achieved"

Via his ayojin.com webpage, Jin chronicles his adventures in this new lifestyle and he describes one trip by saying, "Did a quick performance, gave a testimony and just enjoyed God’s presence."

Jin initially gained his popularity as the "Freestyle Friday Champ” on BET's 106 and Park, then went on to sign with the Ruff Ryders.

In 2004, Jin released his debut album, The Rest Is History, which garnered the lead single “Learn Chinese.”

He also made his acting debut in a the blockbuster film 2 Fast 2 Furious.