Jin Wins 50k At Bahamas Rap Battle

Rapper Jin won a $50,000 purse at the Fight Klub battle in the Bahamas on Saturday (Sept. 1) and effectively reclaimed his throne after suffering a high-profile loss in August at an AllHipHop.com sponsored rap battle.

Jin won the money after lyricists Professor Green of the UK, AX of the Bronx and Serius Jones all battled for the $50,000 prize.

In the first round, Green bested AX after the pair traded barbed verses towards each other.

Through his rhymes, Green gained advantage over the Bronx native by referring to his skin complexion and eventually won with raps like, "I'm an OutKast, and your girl gave me 'the love the below.'"

Professor Green then battled Serius Jones, the New Jersey native that defeated Jin for $10,000 at the August Fight Klub that was a part of AllHipHop Week 2005.

At the AllHipHop event, Serius eliminated UK rapper 2Much and utilized a similar approach saying quips such as "I'll eat you like an English muffin."

However, the British rapper was able to accumulate a number of jabs against Serius.

"Serius Jones, Serious no/ I was with ya mom and she's a serious hoe," said Green firing back.

Green eventually won the judges and the crowd over as they exclaimed, "UK, UK, UK."

Only Jin stood between Professor Green and the $50,000 prize.

Instead of the coin toss, Jin opted to rap first and immediately referred to his loss and established that he was there to take the money.

"I took an 'L' a couple weeks ago, but it wasn't that 'Serius'...You couldn't take the 50 home if you was Vivica Fox," Jin said from the stage.

With rappers like Smitty, Webbie and Cory Gunz in the audience watching, Green responded with rhymes that referred to Jin's album The Rest Is History by saying, "he needs the 50 G's to recoup for his video."

Eventually, Green began to stammer and the crowd expressed their displeasure by throwing hotel towels on the stage and booing thunderously.

Jin was pronounced the winner.

But the rapper wanted to settle an old score with Serius Jones from the AllHipHop Fight Klub in New York, where he lost in a mortifying manner.

Jin offered $10,000 of his winnings to Serius Jones for a rematch in which the crowd would play as judge.

Although host International P. stated that Serius was coming to the stage, he never appeared after over five minutes of waiting.

The highly regarded rap battle was one of the highlights at The Power Summit, a popular music industry conference.