JMJ Murder Stems From Drug Deal Gone Bad?

In a report printed yesterday in the New York Post, law enforcement sources contend that Jam Master Jay's death was the result of a drug deal gone bad.

The report stated that Curtis Scoon and JMJ went into a deal to purchase drugs but were ripped off, causing a rift between the pair.

The police theory claims that Scoon and Jay each paid $15,000 to buy 2 kilos of cocaine from drug dealers in California. After the $30,000 was raised for the drugs, the dealers fleeced them and never produced the cocaine.

The sources said that Jay had never dabbled in drug dealing before and that his inexperience led to the two being scammed out of the drugs and the money.

Scoon and other associates felt that Jay was in on the scam and insisted that he pay for the losses. Jay refused saying that he was a victim as well.

"The police have all these beliefs and theories," pricey New York Lawyer Marvyn Kornberg said. "Any time they want to arrest my client, we will be happy to produce him. The truth of the matter is, they are barking up the wrong tree."

The Post said that Scoon plotted to kill Jay, hiring a hitman and a man from Queens to serve as a lookout.

According to sources, the men in the studio were indeed aware that Jay was going to be gunned down that evening.

In addition, sources stated the man who served as a lookout was a gentlemen named Tinard, whom Jay knew from the neighborhood.

Tinard allegedly alerted the triggerman to Jay's arrival.

With one person guarding the door and the other men in the studio aware of what was about to take place, the killer walked up the stairs to the second floor and gunned down Jay as he sat playing video games.

The men in the studio have refused to submit to police questioning and will not reveal what information they know, according to reports.