Jo Jo Simmons Debuts With Mixtape 'Most Improved Player'

(AllHipHop News) Reality TV star Joseph "Jo Jo" Simmons recently dropped his debut mixtape, titled Most Improved Player under his rap name, Young Simmons.

The rapper, son of rap legend Joseph "Reverend "Run" Simmons, teamed with DJ Spin King to drop the 21-track mixtape under the name Young Simmons.Young Simmons' mixtape was released to the Internet on Wednesday (March 3). As a co-star of MTV’s hit show Run’s House, millions of viewers watched Rev Run’s eldest son begin his career as a Hip-Hop artist.

According to Young Simmons, he released the mixtape to showcase a different side of him that he does not reveal on the television show.

“All the hate I've been getting motivated this mixtape,” Simmons told “I love music that's why I make music. I feel like no matter what I do, hot or not, people don't like me because of the personality they see on TV. Hopefully this mixtape will help people get to know me better.”

Young Simmons tackles the issue of his family’s fame on “Related to Russell” and addresses his arrest for possession of marijuana in May 2009, over Waka Flocka Flames’ “O Let’s Do It.”

Most Improved Player features appearances by Matic, Blackout, Young Jerz, Allie, Zach, Da Professor, Legacy and others.