Joaquin Phoenix Underwhelms in Hip-Hop Debut

AllHipHop Staff

Joaquin Phoenix's dream of becoming a legitimate Hip-Hop artist took a hit last Friday (January 16), as the acclaimed actor delivered an abysmal set in his first ever music performance.

Eyewitness reports allege that Phoenix immediately unraveled on stage due to the lateness of brother in-law and director Casey Affleck, who was on hand to film the concert for a forthcoming documentary.

"Thanks for being late and f**king everything up," Phoenix allegedly barked at Casey over the mic.

Reports further state that Phoenix's actual rapping was embarrassing, with the retired actor repeatedly fumbling over his words and struggling to complete full bars.

Just one song into his show, the set abruptly came to an end after Phoenix fell off the stage while trying to incite a standard call and response chant.

The comical affair comes just one week after Joaquin Phoenix announced he would be creating a Hip-Hop album with rumored assistance from mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs.

Last October, Joaquin Phoenix officially announced his retirement from acting to pursue music full time.

Because of the over the top nature of the performance and Phoenix's haggard appearance, some are now speculating the upcoming documentary is actually an elaborate satire.

At press time, Joaquin Phoenix could not be reached for comment.