Joe Budden and Tahiri Hope To Take On TV, Boston Rumors Refuted

AllHipHop Staff

Joe Budden and girlfriend Tahiri are hoping to enter the world of television, after connecting with several people interested in bringing their lives to the tube.

“We had six meetings this week with TV producers and we had a few other meetings with a couple people that have some big plans for the both of us – and we had to cancel them all,” Budden told

The rapper said that Tahiri is taking a brief break from the entertainment game and that the success they have had together isn’t the primary focus of her life.

Budden admitted she’s working out some personal matters and they’d soon be reunited in their endeavors, both joint and separate.

“Tahiri could care less about the fame,” he said, “She enjoys it, but our relationship comes first.”

Tahiri, a curvy Dominican woman, has been an appealing part of Budden’s newfound success on the viral portions of the internet and talkative gossip blogs.

Another part of the New Jersey rapper’s success has been his hardcore street base, but a show in Boston went awry as he promoted his new album Padded Room.

According to rapper/concert promoter Ed O.G., Joe Budden treated the Boston locals with disrespect when he took to the stage at a show.

“Honestly, if I wasn’t a promoter on that show and I was just a host, Joe Budden would have caught it,” Ed O.G. said. “I think he thought there were a bunch of internet soldiers…I guess he didn’t know there were some real live Boston soldiers there.”

O.G. said that Budden commanded everybody off the stage loudly and challenged dissenters to fight.

Budden refuted the notion that he was rude or disrespectful, but only wanted to offer the fans the best show possible.

“I want to Boston to do a show and there were twenty billion acts all doing their entire catalogue. Fans were restless, but it was time for me to rock, there were a bunch of people on stage,” Budden explained to

Joe said he had a lengthy show and didn’t want to run to time constraints.

“Some people left [the stage], some people didn’t. Somebody said, ‘F**k Joe Budden.’ I invited him to the stage to act that out,” Budden said.. He didn’t. Stage got cleared. Then I run into all this Boston bulls**t like something happened…’oh the goons were gonna get him.’”

He said that alcoholic drinks might have impaired ED O.G. from seeing the occurrences with clarity, but the Boston rapper disagreed.

“We already angry enough and you can’t add fuel to the fire,” Ed OG said. “We not having it. Period.”

Joe Budden’s Padded Room is in stores nationwide.