Joe Budden Announces Deal With Diddy And RevoltTV

Joe Budden will be joining the lineup what is RevoltTV. Read more.

(AllHipHop News) Joe Budden is starting off his 2018 with a brand new deal.

Budden, the former co-host of the popular podcast "Everyday Struggle" with DJ Akademiks shocked fans when news broke he not returning to the show.

Last night, Sean "Diddy" Combs hosted a lavish New Year's Eve bash at his mansion in Miami, where Joe Budden revealed he was officially joining RevoltTV.

"Are you ready to get money with me? That's it," Diddy asked Joe Budden. "Are you ready to put this black Excellence on a whole 'nother platform? I want you to ask the hard questions."

In December, Joe Budden announced his contract was up with Complex.

In related news, Even though Budden is caught up in a minor feud with Migos, he wished the group a Happy New Year.

"Lord Quavious, Happy New Year to you sir," Joe Budden said.

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This isn't even news. Come to us with an actual announcement, not what we all saw on Diddy's IG. I'm mad yall wasted space with this. Man the sites quality is deteriorating more and more by the day


Just landed. Thaz it.


You guys called it. Joe not only landed on his feet, he landed a few stories up.