Joe Budden: Eminem/Shady Records Didn't Do Anything To Help My Career

Was the emcee-turned-podcaster disloyal to his label head?

(AllHipHop News) While on the Rap Radar podcast, Royce da 5'9" shared his view about Joe Budden's criticism of Eminem's most recent music and album roll-out. Royce stated, "I think he's entitled to his opinion just like anybody else, but it goes back to the dignity thing, the loyalty."

Budden used a segment of his podcast to respond to his Slaughterhouse brethren. The New Jersey native pushed back on the idea that he was disloyal toward Eminem by claiming he and the Revival album creator are not friends.

"Royce and Em are extremely close. Their relationship differs from mine and his, from Joell and his, from Crooked and his," said Joe. "It's nothing wrong with that. So why do we keep talking like you're just supposed to grade n-ggas through the friends lenses?"

When his co-host Rory offered that Royce may have been drawing on the idea that as an employee of Shady Records Budden should have some loyalty toward his labelmates and boss, the podcaster responded, "I don't think anybody at a major label helped me, ever. That has not changed from '01 to now. How Joe Budden feels about major labels is well documented. I feel like they have all done nothing but robbed me and appropriate some great creative sh-t."

Joe Budden joined Royce da 5'9", Joell Ortiz, and Kxng Crooked to form Slaughterhouse. The Hip Hop supergroup signed to Shady Records/Interscope and released several projects via the company.

Joe gained recognition thru the mainstream with Pump it Up. He could never follow it up with another hit so now he's blaming everyone but himself. smh

Like BUDNOT expected EM to 'make him a superstar' or owed him 'fame' or something, dude likes to 'hear himself' talk, perfect for podcasts... masses never felt you like EM, JIGGA, or DRIZZY!

im with joe fuck em his last 4-5 albums were trash. good for him standing his ground. I salute dudes that speak their minds and not just being yes men because your on someone's payroll.

his albums were trash because the music was trash. When music is good it eventually gets found. No one going back years and all of a sudden saying joe shit hot...just because a clown can put together so big words doesn't mean shit if no ONE wants to hear it. A part of music is making people move/feel it. Joes music incites no emotion other than I'm tired of listening to this self pity angry rap.

he's not telling a lie. shady didnt do anything for his career. he didnt say shady was supposed to either.