Joe Budden Questions If Drake Has Reached His Musical Peak (AUDIO)

(AllHipHop News) Drake's latest release "Pop Style" was met with a lukewarm response. His single "Summer Sixteen" opened at #6 on the Hot 100 then quickly fell out of the Top 20. His last two full bodies of work (If You'reReading This It's Too Late, What A Time To Be Alive) were considered by many observers to be underwhelming. So has Drizzy reached his musical peak?

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That's a question Joe Budden asked during the latest episode of his podcast. The self-professed longtime Drake fan spent most of the show questioning if the OVO leader hit his highest point as a music artist with 2011's Take Care.

"Have we seen Drake peak? I think that question has been floating around the universe for a little while," stated Joe.

He later added, "Drake came and dominated as a breath of fresh air, something so different. He was like a hybrid emcee... A lot of people would say Take Care is his best album. This is where the whispers started."

Budden then spoke about how Drake's next album, Nothing Was The Same, was viewed by some as not having a lasting impact. The Slaughterhouse member also reminded his listeners he was not a big supporter of IYRTITL, WATTBA,or what he calls "Trapper Drake."

The conversation turned to the fact that The Weeknd played a major role in the creation of Take Care. An argument could be made that after the fellow Canadian parted ways with the OVO Camp, Drake's projects have not been as critically celebrated as his second LP.

"If I go in deep, I start with the mumblings of a Weeknd/Drake beef. I'm going that far back. Because I'm putting the peak - if I'm taking that side of the argument - I'm putting the peak at Take Care," said Budden. "All I know that happened after that is that The Weeknd left, and I know that The Weeknd has done rather f-cking well since leaving."

In addition, Budden gave Drake credit for starting his own sub-genre of Hip Hop. However, he took issue with his favorite rapper riding the wave of other artists rather than setting the trends of the culture like he believes Drizzy did at one point.

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Listen to Joe Budden's "I'll Name This Podcast Later Episode 60" below.