Joe Budden Responds To Being Called "Misogynistic" Over Debate With Scottie Beam

A battle between the genders is playing out on Twitter.

(AllHipHop News) Going by a preview clip, today's upcoming episode of State of the Culture will get heated at one point. The series' moderator, Joe Budden, tweeted footage from the show which featured him arguing with panelist Scottie Beam.

The conversation centered around Instagram model Brittany Renner announcing she's releasing a book detailing her alleged sexual relationships with several celebrities. Budden yelled at Beam for not criticizing Renner's decision to reveal intimate moments to the public.

Budden blasted what he called "fake women empowerment bullsh*t." He also could be heard saying Beam "hates men." Those comments led to people online slamming Budden. One Twitter user even implied the rapper-turned-pundit is a male chauvinist and anti-women.

"[Joe Budden,] it's becoming clear that you are super misogynistic. Dammit man. If you scream at Scottie like that again I'm gonna round up a bunch of women to jump your ass. On camera. Please don't make me withdraw my support," posted one individual.

Budden responded, "Fam knock it off…. there’s nothing misogynistic about arguing with your friend… i don’t care about your fake outrage." @birdshu then added, "There is something wrong with you foaming at the mouth. We didn't like it when Scottie was doing it and it's not cool for you to do it either. State your point like a man. Calm tf down."

For her part, Scottie Beam got negative responses on the social media site as well. She tweeted, "I think i might have to make some of these men 'you hate men and we hate you' think pieces public because.. woo."

State of the Culture debuts on the Revolt TV YouTube channel on Monday at 5 pm ET.