Joe Budden Scrutinized Over Statements About His Domestic Violence Allegations

The podcaster attempted to put an end to the "cancel culture" attacks.

(AllHipHop News) The Surviving R. Kelly docuseries has opened Pandora's box within the Hip Hop community. Rap stars such as Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Drake, and others are being scrutinized for past behavior or statements that some people believe to be problematic.

Retired rapper Joe Budden is also under fire. The podcast host was very critical of R. Kelly for his alleged crimes of having sex with minors and abusing women, but Budden is also facing criticism for allegations suggesting he was abusive toward women too.

Old footage from an interview with The Breakfast Club has been circulating online. In the clip, the New Jersey native admits to dragging his ex-girlfriend Esther Baxter out of a bed by her feet after what he called "a couple more lines of that arrogant talk" from the woman.

Budden also said that at one point during an argument he "put" a then-pregnant Baxter on the ground and sat underneath her breasts to restrain her. However, during a later interview with the Tax Season podcast, Budden completely denied ever touching Baxter.

On Wednesday's episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, Budden claimed he "misspoke" during that sit down with The Breakfast Club. He also pointed out that he was never convicted of allegedly assaulting another girlfriend in 2014. In addition, the State Of The Culture panelist talked about being on drugs and dealing with depression at the time.

However, some critics are not buying the "misspoke" defense. Lyrics from Budden's song titled "Ordinary Love Sh*t Part 3 (Closure)" recounts the incident with Baxter nearly exactly the same way he discussed it on The Breakfast Club.

"Yeah, we beef and I dragged you off the bed. I swear to this day I re-enact it in my head. So I hemmed you up, wasn’t what I aimed to do. I ain't attack you, b*tch, I was restraining you," rapped Budden on the track.