Joe Budden Slams Peter Rosenberg For Being Hypocritical Over XXXTentacion

Ebro Darden defends his Hot 97 co-host.

(AllHipHop News) Jahseh "XXXTentacion" Onfroy is a very controversial figure. His music touched millions of young people, but the domestic abuse accusations against him turned just as many people off to the performer.

Following XXX's murder, Peter Rosenberg didn't mince words when he brought up the "Look At Me" rhymer's troubling past right after announcing his death on ESPN Radio. Rosenberg reportedly stated that Onfory was "no angel."

Joe Budden took issue with Rosenberg's statement and blasted him on his podcast last week. The two Hip Hop pundits then went back-and-forth on Twitter before Budden fired at his former friend once again on this week's show.

"Who the f-ck are you, Pete, to tell somebody they’re not an angel? Let me tell you my problem with that, Pete Rosenberg - the hypocrisy!” stated Joe. “I feel you owe your entire career and place in Hip Hop to gentlemen like XXX, to gentlemen like myself. Gentlemen you like to discredit because you feel inferior and insecure in your spot."

The "retired" rapper added, "I've watched you repeatedly suck Mike Tyson’s d-ck on-air, off-air. You love Mike Tyson. Hey, guess what? Me too. But I don’t hear you call him a convicted rapist to his face. Who the f-ck are you to attempt to be on some type of moral high ground like you're the ethics police? News flash Pete, don’t nobody need you to say what's right and what's wrong and what's agreeable.”

Fellow Hot 97 host Ebro Darden reacted to Rosenberg's hot take on XXXTentacion. He defended his Ebro In The Morning co-host on Twitter.

"[Rosenberg] said 'he’s no angel' and XXX wasn’t f-ck outta here with that bullsh-t!" tweeted Darden. "I think he felt bad and apologized about that... but if we keeping it real... it was the 1st thing I said 'wasn’t this kid a d-ckhead' I think was my quote... but since I'm black & will let ya’ll know to suck my d-ck... no one said sh-t."

In addition, Budden called out Rosenberg for supposedly needing Darden for back up. He said, "You got the nerve to run to f-cking Ebro, so Ebro can massage your little vagina. Whoa, did he give that vagina a nice little massage and you came back to Twitter feeling manly again. You were feeling macho."

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