Joe Budden Teams With J.Lo

While movie critics continue to bash J.Lo's latest

movie, "Gigli," rapper Joe Budden who has teamed Lopez on the remix

single to "The One," had nothing bad to say about the sexy singer/actress.

"She's the coolest chick you could ever

meet," Budden told "She's very down to Earth, very

humble, very focused. She was just ill - everything about her."

The original version of the single, which impacts

at radio August 11, is the fifth single from her album, This Is Me...Then,

while the remix is the sixth single to be released.

"I am Glad I had the chance to work with

her...not to mention, she's fine as sh*t," Budden continued.

Meanwhile, Budden has set the mixtape world a

buzz by allegedly dissing 50 Cent on the latest DJ Clue tape.

50 Cent was guest editor of XXL Magazine and

gave Budden the infamous "Step Your Rap Game Up" section over the

line "We pump diesel/I aint talking about jeans or sneakers."

Budden took exception with this and responded

on the song, rhyming:

"Rearrange genes and features/Pump diesel

/ I aint talkin bout jeans and sneakers/....Jump/I box out / what good is your

bulletproof truck when you gotta hop out/"

Budden refused to comment on the diss with