Joe Calzaghe: Legendary Legend Killer

It is often said that styles make fights in boxing. On Saturday November 8, when Roy Jones meets with Joe Calzaghe, we will see an excercise in contrast.While both fighters posses the requisite skill and stubborn ego necessary to survive and flourish on a championship level, you see immediately that that's where the comparison ends. While confident in his own legacy Calzaghe is nowhere near a peacock or high porfile. he has silently amassed 15 years worth of victories which has place him in the company of boxing immortals. His 45-0 record is four victories shy of the 49-0 Rocky Marciano standard; he is also closing in on the Brown Bomber's string of 25 successful title defenses.AllHipHop got with Calzaghe in the days leading up to his showdown with Roy Jones. He got straight to the point.

AllHipHop: You’ve taken a lot

of criticism for this fight, with people calling Jones a past prime legend.

However, people seem to forget you defeated two young, highly touted undefeated

champions in Jeff Lacy and Mikkel Kessler. Do you think those wins won’t get

the credit they deserve unless those two go on to post great wins, like Hopkins

just did against Pavlik?

Joe Calzaghe: All I can do is beat the opponents that are

put in front of me. I am proud of my career and I think those wins speak for


AllHipHop: You’ve on record said that Roy Jones

was shot after his back to back KO losses and subsequent performances. What did

you see from him that made you change your mind and take this bout?

Joe Calzaghe: He has had three excellent fights to put him

back in position for this bout. After those disappointments, I kept

watching and saw that he was back to fighting at a top level. He

is still a legendary champion who I am looking forward to fighting

Saturday night.

AllHipHop: Your last handful of bouts has silenced a

lot of critics who questioned your ability and legacy, but that did not happen

until 2006. What fights do you wish you wouldn’t have missed out on in your

younger years?


Calzaghe: I can’t look back

on my career and I believe things happen for a reason. Sometimes I do wish

I could have fought Jones before, but it is finally here. I am

excited and look forward to the fight. Some fans seem to think you’ve had an easy

run throughout your 15 year career. Who were your most difficult opponents and


Joe Calzaghe: All fights are battles but I am most

proud of my victories over Eubanks, Lacy, Kessler and Hopkins. They were

all hard fights and big challenges for me, and I came out victorious which

obviously makes me feel great.

AllHipHop: You’ve been emphatic that this is your last

bout. Assuming you are again victorious, what further involvement do you see

for yourself, if any, in boxing world after retirement?

Joe Calzaghe: First I am going on vacation and will spend

time with my family. Then I will stay around boxing as a promoter as I

already am working with some young fighters that train in our gym back home. I

am looking forward to life out of the ring and will figure it out as it


AllHipHop: What are the most

difficult things you’ll have to deal with from this version of Roy Jones?

I have prepared

and am ready for his speed. I have trained hard and can adjust to

anything that comes my way on fight night. I will see when the fight

starts what I will need to do to come away with a victory. I can adapt to

anything and I refuse to lose. That is motivation enough to be able to

handle whatever Roy brings into the ring.

Joe Calzaghe - AllHipHop