Joe Denies Rumors Of Fight With Trey Songz Over Tahiry

AllHipHop Staff

R&B crooner Joe vehemently denies rumors and reports that he was embroiled in a fight with Trey Songz that evolved into a huge brawl at a New Jersey concert over the weekend.

On Saturday November 28, Trey Songz celebrated his birthday with a party and a concert at the 501 Lounge in Montclair, New Jersey, a show that brought out Joe, Tahiry, the ex-girlfriend of rapper Joe Budden and a throng of fans.

Joe gave his account of what happened that night, saying he had nothing to do with any violence.

"First of all, I was not involved in a fight. Me and Trey Songz are real cool. We did a record on my last album. We did ‘We Need To Roll’ and, you know, I went to show support," Joe told "That's my man. I heard he was going to be having a party that night and there was going to be a performance. Nothing happened between him and I."

However, Joe did say that the fracas could have been from an associate, even though he had left the venue prior to the melee.

"It could have been where my man had a problem with security just for a quick second and they were trying to clear the V.I.P. It was really, really crowded up there. It wasn't anything like they didn't want me there [or] they didn't want the other guests there, like Tahiry. Everybody was cool."

Joe said that an associate of his attempted to prevent a young lady from getting kicked out and that might have sparked the whole fracas.

"So, security had him hemmed up in the corner and I told them. 'That's my man. He's with me' and [security] was like 'Cool, no problem.'" Joe explained. After that, he said he left the club.

"After that, I was bouncing, getting ready to leave anyway so I told Trey [I was leaving] and we made a couple of toasts with some Patron and then I left."

The singer said that he could not fathom how attending an event under the auspice of support would result in widespread unconfirmed reports of a fight between friends.

"Its just crazy...for it to go from us just hanging out to..maybe Trey got into a fight and people thinking it was me. Before anything popped off, I was already out of the building."

Lastly, of the evening, Joe briefly dismissed that the ordeal could have been a lover's quarrel over Tahiry.

"I just met her that night for the first time. Its nothing going on between me and her and definitely no fights between me and Trey," he concluded.

These day, Joe says he is more focused on his Christmas album,Home Is The Essence Of Christmas, that is currently available on Apple iTunes.

"I just got that Christmas album out. Its just an incredible album," he said. "I've always been a fan of Christmas. I play Santa Claus every year...with my nieces and nephews...[I enjoy] seeing how happy they are."

Joe released Signature in July. It is his eighth studio album. “We Need To Roll,” which features Trey Songz, is a bonus song on the album.