John Singleton's Mother Believes Someone Is Looting His Estate Of Valuables

His mother is asking a court to let her have immediate control of the estate because someone is stealing.

(AllHipHop News) Late filmmaker John Singleton's mother is fighting to take over her son's estate after claiming someone took valuables from his home after he died.

Sheila Ward has filed court documents demanding sole access to the director's affairs after learning someone close to her son removed prized artwork, comic books and various other personal items from his home and gave them away without the family's permission.

According to court documents, Ward has filed for an emergency petition to be named special administrator of his estate, while she battles for control of his will, insisting her son's "personal property is at risk."

She claims her son's locked office was "recently breached by a third party" and "items were removed and distributed without authorization to a beneficiary who believed that he was protecting the assets from other beneficiaries."

She does not name the suspect in the filing.

John Singleton died in late April, more than a week after he was hospitalized following a stroke.


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