Joie Manda Addresses Dame Dash Calling Him A "Culture Vulture"; Dame Responds Back

Dame Dash has been on personal mission of calling out what he sees as “culture vultures” in Hip Hop.

(AllHipHop News) His hit list included music executive Joie “Joeyie” Manda. The former Def Jam president visited the Combat Jack show to discuss Dash’s attack against him as well as his early life and his history in the game.

“There’s nothing going on on my side of it. Dame put my picture up on Instagram a few times, and he said some unkind things which I was really surprised about,” said Manda. “I know Dame. We were never friends. Not to say we ever had a problem, but we never hung out.”

He added, “I don’t know what goes on in anyone else’s brain. I don’t know what’s fueling him. I don’t agree with the things he says, but it’s for him to say.”

Dame heard the 80-minute interview, and he released another statement about Manda and Combat Jack via Instagram.

So disappointed in@combatjackshow for this lame interview but hearing this culture vulture lie was pretty funny they only spent 5 min of the whole interview addressing my concerns which was the only reason he was up there in the first place… Such a lame thing to do to your fans @combatjackshowhope you enjoyed our interview cause it won’t ever happen again…your now a victim of a culture vulture…look how cool they look by the way…I’m done with this lame whoever has to work under him should be laughing at him in front of him….he deserves to be treated like a liar… He cant remember is to funny to me he had the nerve to say that with a straight face

Listen to Joie Manda’s full interview below (Dame Dash discussion begins at 49:00 mark).