JoJo Simmons’ Arrest Chronicled on Next ‘Run’s House’

AllHipHop Staff

Rather than keep the issue a private, family matter, Reverend Run will address the drug arrest of his son Joseph “JoJo” Simmons on an upcoming episode of Run’s House.

On May 8, JoJo was arrested after buying marijuana in Washington Heights.

Along with criminal possession charges, the 19 year old teen was slapped with reckless endangerment for crashing his BMW into a parked car in an attempt to flee.

The episode shows Russell Simmons reminding his now reverend brother on his own past before being quick to condemn his young son.

“I’m not putting too much weight on him. I don’t know what he thought,” Reverend Run Stated. “I’m a reverend….I want him not to do it [smoke marijuana]. I wouldn’t like him to smoke it ever again. I’m a reverend, I can’t live off that.”

While sympathetic, Run’s mogul brother reminded him to keep his own checkered, pre-ministry past in perspective when disciplining JoJo.

“It’s not about you,” Russell Simmons countered. “You were in chimney when you were his age. You smoked up the whole house!”

“Well put it this way,” Run responded. “I did smoke weed, but that’s not the point. I’m hoping we can say something to him so that he won’t continue to get a rap sheet. Because if he ever does something again, they don’t just slap him on the wrist.”

JoJo Simmons also takes center stage to address his younger brother Russy and Diggy on the ramifications of his recent choices.

“My bad for not being around, and the stress I put everybody through,” JoJo told his younger siblings. “It was a careless mistake for me. Jail is no fun. When I was in a cell, I was thinking I’d trade anything in the world to come chill with y’all…Don’t let anyone pressure you into anything. Don’t make the same mistake that I made. See my mistake as y’all mistake, because that could’ve been y’all when y’all get older…Just remember what happened to JoJo, remember how mad he got Daddy and how much pain he put the family through. Stay focused.”

The Run’s House episode will air on MTV this Monday (June 22) at 10PM.