Jorja Smith: "I Didn't Need Drake" To Blow Up

The U.K. singer is taking credit for her own success.

(AllHipHop News) Jorja Smith doesn't want to be seen as Drake's protege.

According to Jorja, she claims she would have been a star even without his approval.

Drake started praising Jorja in 2016, and she finally worked with him in the studio and joined his Boy Meets World Tour last year.

However, Jorja, who was named Critics' Choice at the BRIT Awards in February, thinks she would have made it big without Drake's influence.

"I did two tours in America before I was on More Life, and they were sold out," she told Britain's ES magazine. "I didn't need him. I've already got fans over there."

The 21-year-old is now disappointed over people continually asking her about her professional and personal relationship with the Canadian rapper.

"The annoying thing is that people want to talk more about Drake than me," Jorja complained. “It's always the same: how did you meet him? How did you write? Was it cool working with him? I know that's how it is, for any small artist who works with a bigger artist. You're associated with them, because that's how people find out about you, like clickbait."