Joseph "Run" Simmons and Wife Suffer Tragic Loss of Newborn

Tragedy has struck the household of Joseph "Run" Simmons and his wife Justine after the couple's newborn child was pronounced dead shortly after its birth last Thursday.

The legendary rapper of Run DMC fame was present at a Ridgewood, New Jersey hospital on Tuesday (Sept. 19) for the child's anticipated delivery. Both Simmons and Justine are popular figures on the family-oriented MTV reality show "Run's House," which also stars their children. The pregnancy was initially made public via the show and MTV cameras were filming at the hospital, according to

A C-section operation was performed on Justine to deliver the child, but the baby girl was reportedly born with organs on the outside of its body. The baby died shortly after being delivered.

Representatives for The Simmons' were unavailable at press time.

[Editor's Note: The entire Staff offers its sincerest condolences to The Simmons' family in this time of loss.]