JT The Bigga Figga Preps Another Game Album

Following the burgeoning

hype obtained from The Game’s release, Untold Story, and the platinum

success from his G-Unit/Aftermath debut, The Documentary, Get Low Records

CEO JT The Bigga Figga recently announced that he will release a new album from

The Game titled West Coast Resurrection.

The disc, like Untold

Story will feature unreleased material the rapper agreed to record with

JT the Bigga Figga in the Bay Area and will give fans the opportunity to track

the rapper’s artistic evolution from early recordings up to the moment

he dropped The Documentary.

"This album is actually

a little better with tighter songs," JT told AllHipHop.com. "Even

though the first one is a classic to me because they were the first songs he

ever recorded; this one is pretty good. This album he sounds a little more confident

and precise with his concepts. The music on this one is a little more high-tech

too because we re-mixed the beats. So I think the fans will really love this


The release will pair The

Game with members from JT’s Get Low label, as part of a 30-song pact the

rapper inked which harbors no contractual relation to Dr. Dre’s Aftermath


According to JT, the Game's

Untold Story released through Get Low/Koch has moved well over 100,000

units to date.

"I was teaching him

how to do the independent thing and that's why I didn't sign him as an artist,"

JT said. "He took my kindness and ran off with it and didn't know that

I'm the number one grinder in this sh*t and if I got some songs on you, I know

how to stretch that sh*t and turn it into money."

West Coast

Resurrection featuring The Game is scheduled to hit stores March 29.