JT The Bigga Figga Speaks On Game LP On Get Low Records

Bay Area rapper JT

The Bigga Figga recently released an album from the Game titled The Untold

Story, featuring recordings made prior to signing with Aftermath/Interscope.

According to JT,

who released the record on his Get Low imprint with distribution from Koch,

the album has moved over 100,000 copies.


the first month of business, we shipped 100,000 records and generated basically

$1 million dollars in the first month of business over there at Koch Records,”

JT told AllHipHop.com. “It’s looking like we gonna be doing $2 million

in the next month in a half, with these special limited package with a DVD.

Though speculations

have arisen about Aftermath's consent of the album and the legalities, JT assured

that he and the Game worked out a contract before the Compton rapper ever signed

with Dr. Dre's Interscope/Aftermath label.

"The way I

did the contract was [that] it was only for the record that I have and the material

that I have," JT told AllHipHop.com. "I got a signature with me and

him so I don't have to ask [Aftermath] nothing."

JT said he attempted

to cut a deal with Aftermath, who declined his offer to sell them 30 of the

Game's first recordings.

"I think that

was due to the Game, because somebody has to recoup. Somebody gon' pay that

money. So if I get the money for this product, they're not gonna release the

project," JT said of the nixed deal. "All they [were] gonna do was

take the project and store it up so that it didn't come out.

"[I'm] like

little David against Goliath in terms of having a record to match Jimmy Iovine

and Dr. Dre," JT continued.

He also assured

that the Game would receive his proper share of the profits.


gonna be getting his cut and it’s already rigged up,” JT assured.

“His lawyers are already in contact with the lawyers over there [at Koch],

so as soon as it’s pay time, he’ll already have his checks over

there waiting for him, so that’s the good part about this. I’m a

game fan also, I was his first fan.”

As far as The

Untold Story album, a special edition DVD with footage of the Game before

he was signed will be available.

"What they

gon' see is the very beginning stages of when I met Game down at the Hip-Hop

Summit. You'll see me working him with a few artists that [were] down there

and me developing and grabbing this guy and bringing him up to record some of

his very first songs ever."

JT stressed that

he has no ill feelings toward the Game.

"I'm a Game

fan also. I was his first fan," JT declared. "And that can be documented."

The Untold Story

features 17 tracks from the Game and will be released through Koch Records.

JT will also host Young Buck's "On the road to Platinum" DVD, Released

through G-Unit South.

JT also revealed he is looking for new artists. "If you're the next big

act, I am looking for you," JT said. Hopefuls can email JT here.