Judge And Prison Has Cost Meek Mill Over $30 Million In Earnings

AllHipHop Staff

Meek Mill is remaining positive as he sits behind bars, but the downtime is costing him big money.

(AllHipHop News) The judge who sent Meek Mill to prison has not broken his spirits, although his pockets are suffering.

Meek gave an exclusive interview to Rolling Stone from the State Correctional Institution in Chester, Pennsylvania.

Meek is serving a two to four-year prison sentence, for a series of minor infractions he committed while on probation from a 2008 drug and gun case.

Meek's lawyer Joseph Tacopina maintains the judge sent him to jail after he refused to work with local veteran Charlie Mack and attempted to persuade him to leave Roc Nation Management.

Meek also says Judge Genece Brinkley commanded him to record a tribute song in her honor and retaliated against him when he rejected the offer.

According to management for the rapper, who has been imprisoned since November of 2017, Meek has lost more than $30 million as he sits behind bars.

"We had so much money hit us, we didn't know where to put it," said Meek's day-to-day manager, Phil Smith. "We're running around the country with a half-mil, cash."

According to Meek, every time he released new material, Judge Brinkley would find a way to put a plug in his cash flow, by scrutinizing his every move.

Just last year, Meek lost out on over $5 million in touring revenue, since he was locked up on the probation violation charges shortly after the release of his album Wins & Losses.

Earlier this week, thousands of people rallied at the University of Pennsylvania in support of Meek and in protest of the justice system in Philadelphia.

After months of court dates, Meek's lawyers finally won a “post-conviction relief appeal,” which has been scheduled for April, when Meek could be freed from prison.

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