Judge Connected To C-Murder Trial Indicted For Corruption

A judge that helped

set the tone for the murder trial of rapper Corey “C-Murder” Miller

has been indicted on federal corruption charges, after he and another man allegedly

conspired with a bail bonds mogul and took more than $20,000 in bribes.

State Judge Alan

Green was indicted last week on seven federal counts that include racketeering

and mail fraud, in a probe of corruption at the Jefferson Parish courthouse.

Authorities say

Green and Louis Marcotte conspired together to raise the maximum amount a suspect

or their relatives paid in order to be released from jail.

Master P. has frequently

stated that his brother, who is accused of murdering a 16-year-old in a nightclub

shooting in 2002, never received a fair trial due to the ongoing corruption

in the court system.

“The whole

system there is corrupt." Master P. told AllHipHop.com in June. “There

are so many witnesses that said C didn't do this. Look at what the D.A. has

done, clearing records and that kind of thing. Everyone assumed he was guilty

but people testified he didn't do it. Now he's sitting there incarcerated and

we believe he's innocent."

The younger Miller

was convicted of the murder in a controversial trial. He is facing a mandatory

life sentence.


first trial was scrapped, after it was learned that prosecutors withheld information

during the first trial and even expunged the criminal records of their witnesses,

in an attempt to bolster their credibility.

Another Judge,

Ronald Bodenheimer, is serving a 46-month sentence for helping Marcotte and

for other crimes uncovered in a 5 ½ year government sting operation known

as Operation Wrinkled Robe.

Green is also under

investigation for reversing a judgment in favor of Kmart and awarding the victim

of a slip-and-fall accident more than $800,000, after he and several others

accused of the same crimes allegedly rigged the case.