Judge Considers Punitive Damages Against Master P

A Judge is considering a request by a 79 year

old woman seeking punitive damages against Master P. Geneva Burger sued Master

P in 1999, after a song appeared on a song about marijuana without her permission.

The incident started when Burger's phone conversation

was taped by musician Johnny Lupo in 1997. Lupo asked her questions about marijuana

use. Burger didn't know she was being taped and the song appeared on the introduction

to "No Limit,' the 13th song on Magic's 1998 album, Sky's the Limit.

Master P executive produced the album.

P's net worth came up frequently in the trial.

Minto found that Master P admitted to having assets worth at least $200 million,

including the $6.2 million that he earned this year from his success with his

son Lil Romeo, who records for Universal.

Master P's lawyer, Donald Wilson Jr., disputed

P's worth, saying that Master P leads people to believe he is worth more than

it actually is, so he can complete larger business deals.

Snoop Dogg, who appears on the song with C-Murder,

settled out of court for $75,000. Priority records also gave her $300,000 before

the trial begin. Priority is also suing Master P., seeking to be reimbursed

for the settlement.